Ten Fun and Crazy Dental Facts

At Ocean Springs Dental, the office of Edward Banas DDS, we take dentistry very seriously.  But believe it or not, teeth can be fun!  Here are ten wild and crazy dental facts that will make you smile and improve your health as well.

1)  The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime.  That is enough to fill 2 swimming pools!

2)  You should not keep your toothbrush near a toilet.  The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to a distance of 6 feet.  Yuck!

3)  People who drink 3 or more glasses of soda each day have 62% more tooth decay, fillings and tooth loss than others. Put down the pop and sports drinks and pick up some nice fresh water instead.

4) In 1994, a prison inmate in West Virginia braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall and escaped.  (We suggest that you floss to clean between your teeth instead of climbing prison walls!  If you don’t you are missing 35% of your teeth’s surfaces.)

5) You should replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months, and ALWAYS after you have an episode of flu, cold, or viral infections.  Notorious bacteria can implant themselves on the toothbrush bristles leading to re-infection.

6) Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.  However, we do not recommend that you use your pearly whites to open bottle caps!

7) The standard advice to “see your dentist twice a year” was actually invented by an ad agency for Pepsodent toothpaste!  Your dental professional should recommend the correct schedule for your dental visits.

8) A recent poll has shown that health professionals (physicians, dentists and nurses) were among the most trusted people in the United States.  The least trusted?–Lobbyists and congressmen of course!

9) According to a recent survey done by Time Magazine, 59% of Americans would rather have a dental appointment than be sitting next to someone talking on a cell phone.  Maybe some of us should take a hint!

10) Over three out of four people in the United States suffer from some form of gum disease.  It is the leading cause of tooth loss in people over age 35.  The good news is, in most cases gum disease can be prevented or controlled!

At the office of Edward Banas DDS, we are here for you, and want to help you achieve the best smile possible.  If you have any questions about your dental health or need to schedule an appointment, please give us a call today at (228)826-3811.  We can help you!

Also– did you know that we are on Facebook?  Please go to www.facebook.com/OceanSpringsDental and “like” us for more dental health tips, community news, contests, special offers and all kinds of other fun stuff!!!  And remember our office donates $5 from every initial exam to The Lord is My Help food pantry in Ocean Springs.


About OceanSprings Dentist
I have been in clinical dental practice since 1982. I started and solely owned a thriving and successful dental practice in Upstate NY-- I employed an associate dentist, 2 hygienists, 2 chairside assistants, 1 rovering assistant, 2 front office auxiliaries, a dental lab tech, and an office manager. By the late 90's, I decided to "slow down" from this hectic (and stressful) pace and discovered the Mississippi Gulf Coast! So I sold my practice, along with office building and home and moved here in '98 with Charlotte my wife, our 2 children, and all of the family pets including our beloved African Grey Parrot, Samantha . Now I own and operate a general family dental practice located at 2113 Government St, Suite K-1, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. My Mississippi Gulf Coast dental "home" concept was originally introduced by me in Vancleave, MS in July 2000. Our motto was then and now to do whatever possible to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for our clients. By 2011, we had outgrown our location on Highway 57/ Vancleave.... then we stumbled upon this unique once in a lifetime opportunity in neighboring coastal community Ocean Springs. We found this vacant former dental office at Government Place in Ocean Springs. Dental offices are traditionally expensive to construct and furnish due to unique and extensive plumbing and electric, but this vacant spot was begging for us to take it over and save us tons of money. We essentially had some minor corrective plumbing/electric, painted the walls, changed out a few fixtures, moved in our stuff from Vancleave and we were ready to go-- all in 3 weeks time! We refer to the practice as a dental home, not dental office, because of the experience we provide to our clients. When you walk inside, the wall colors are "different" from what you would expect a dental office to look like. There is a coffee/tea bar, we serve freshly baked signature chocolate chip cookies, and we emphasize comfort and relaxation with TempurPedic chair cushions, scented and heated towels, HDTV's, WiFi, etc. Some say the ambience is spa-like, others say coffee house... but not dental office. And this fantastic location in beautiful upscale Government Place adds to the home concept-- these wonderfully created buildings look more like fine homes, not offices.

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